Playing the Blues is a rite of passage for anyone learning the guitar. Most of the time you learn to solo or to strum chords, but in this course we do both at the SAME TIME! The result? You can play the blues by yourself any time you want. You'll learn the basics of blues in E, get some exercises to get comfortable playing fingerstyle, and even learn a full blues song! By the end you'll have all the skills you need to make up your own fingerstyle blues song too!

Hi, I’m Jaxon Williams

I am a lifelong classical and fingerstyle guitar player. Over the years I have helped thousands of guitar learners improve their skills and get out of the rut of playing just simple chords and picking patterns. After finishing my doctorate in classical guitar, I decided to take the same methodical approach I learned from classical guitar and use it to help people learn other styles too. Whether it's blues, acoustic pop, bluegrass, or standard fingerstyle guitar, my goal is to leave no stone unturned and give the clearest and most effective path to leveling up on the guitar. The result is that you'll have more FUN playing more advanced music and you'll keep becoming the guitarist you wanted to be when you started learning!

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