Are you ready to make guitar EASY?

I did the math the other day and realized I've taught over 10,000 private guitar lessons!

During all these lessons, I have noticed mistakes that almost every guitarist makes, and that's where the idea for this course came from.

Many students come to me and expect a "silver bullet" that will solve all their guitar technique issues. The truth is, there is no silver bullet! There's no sexy answer that will replace clear instruction and consistent work.

All we really need to learn guitar is a clear path of what to practice and what to think about when practicing. That's it.

From there it's up to you to practice regularly and be amazed at how what was once hard suddenly becomes second nature.

This course is all the above: detailed explanation of fingerpicking fundamentals, simple exercises for practicing with clear cues to think about, and a rundown of all those common mistakes I've seen over the years so you can catch yourself even while studying on your own. There are even a few basic songs at the end that you can use to have some fun while applying what you learned.

At the end of the course, you'll know how to sit properly, set up your right hand, and play essential fingerpicking patterns the RIGHT way, giving you access to 1,000s of songs!

(Pro tip: Enroll in the free Left Hand Fundamentals course at the same time to work both hands!)

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